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Agile Series: Kanban 101

Part 5 I think of the Agile Series. I've lost count.

This one covers the mighty Kanban - a method that goes way beyond just a board with some columns and cards. We cover visualisation, WIP limits, classes of service, prioritisation, continuous improvement and all that malarkey. I personally adore Kanban but there's a lot to cover to understand it even at a basic level. It's a long one as a result, so you might need a lot of coffee. Well worth it though - come flow with me.

Thanks if you have been following this far and bless you!


00:00:00 Introduction and Gratitude expressed

00:07:30 Kanbanize intro

00:08:45 Kanban - more than a board

00:17:00 Visualise Workflow

00:18:20 Bottlenecks

00:24:30 Limiting Work in Process/Progress

00:32:40 Avoiding unnecessary meetings

00:33:00 Visualise Blockers

00:36:00 Metrics - and not ever estimating work anymore!

00:49:50 WIP Limits in more detail & Queueing Theory

01:08:40 Classes of Service for Risk and Prioritsation

01:27:50 Ceremonies - Replenishment and more - continuous improvement

01:34:00 Examples of me implementing kanban

01:39:50 Breaking work down to as small as makes sense - flowing work

01:42:00 Visualise priorities

01:47:00 Flow, flow, flow your boat

01:50:30 Excited Liam encourages you to read up on Kanban


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