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Game Production Weekly Q&A?


It's been a while - new job and all that. I've been looking at the studios shutting down and the layoffs and wondering what on Earth my contribution to help amongst all the chaos could be. The only thing I can really offer is my experience and enthusiasm around all things game production and operations.

If there's sufficient interest, I'd be happy to kick off a weekly or monthly Q&A session one evening (UK evening that is) when I can try and help with any questions, issues etc around game production. I'm also happy to invite others to come and present their own perspectives.

If you would be interested, could you let me know? A simple Yes response would be awesome, or you could let me know what areas would interest you, or if there's specific questions or help required. I could prepare beforehand a little bit then ;)

The format would probably be me chatting with Miro open so we can map out some stuff, recording the session and sharing to YouTube afterwards along with any output material.

I can cover (or ask others to come help): game production, leadership, portfolio and program management, risk and issue management, estimating work, kanban vs scrum vs waterfall vs hybrid, interviews, general experience of leading teams, what it's like to need to look after multiple studios vs best ways of handling remote teams. Anything really. I can talk about my little kids for hours too if you just want light relief, or delve into the world of Don Reinertsen and the origins of lean product management. Whatever you want! I could even shut up and let others speak too, you never know.

So there it is, let me know your thoughts - or just reply YES. Don't feel you have to tell me NOs!

Thank you.


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