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How and when to use Scrum in Game Production

Part 3 of Agile for Game Producers.

This time we get into the details of how we develop a game and what that implies for use of Scrum and Kanban, with a lot more practical detail and illustrations. We go over how the job of exploration and discovery influences the choice of methodology and how, over time, that will change. There's advice on customising Scrum and setting us up for the next part on kanban. I hope you enjoy it!

Please let me know what you would like covered in more detail and I'll find some production friends to come help out with answering your questions.


00:00:00 Intro

00:01:10 Kanban vs Scrum use cases

00:05:25 Which to use during game dev stages - spoilers!

00:11:30 Another brick in the wall: remember the bigger picture

00:14:50 Blueprint - the architect's map of the game

00:28:23 Some examples of pillars, core mechanics etc

00:30:29 Reordering the known and unknown

00:36:30 So which pieces are right for Scrum?

00:38:42 And where do we use Kanban then?

00:41:20 Customised suggestion of how to use Scrum

00:54:40 How the roles inform each other and what they do

01:00:09 What does it all mean? How all this discovery influences the game plan and vision

01:04:44 What we're covering in the next part


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