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Scaled Agile Isn't Enough for Game Producers - Part Two

Part 2 of Agile for Game Producers.

This time we focus on the more recent history of scrumban, LESS and SAFe - the era of scaled agile! We then apply these to game dev and see what the looks like (not great to be honest).

I had another problem with audio - seems I had a setting wrong on my mic software and so it sounds a bit weird in places. Or maybe I'm just a bit weird.

For some reason the vid didn't scroll when I was going through Scrumban. Apologies.

Please let me know what you would like covered in more detail and I'll find some production friends to come help out with answering your questions.


00:00:00 Intro

00:01:20 Scrumban

00:19:00 LESS

00:40:45 Learning from both

00:42:00 Games Industry and the Joy of being Weird

00:50:06 (Miro) How do we know we are agile?

00:54:00 Where we stumble

01:14:00 Summary


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