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Game Production Discord

Last year, I realised that there was going to have to be a hiatus for me, as there was the real life triumvirate of new job, baby and an upcoming house move. A year later and I'm still juggling cats, but learning a huge amount about a bunch of new challenges, not all involving nappies. Soon I hope to be bringing that to some podcast episodes and articles.

In the meantime, when I thought the new community would have to simmer on without me, up stepped Juney Dijkstra (Producer, Game & Player Analyst, Game (Dev) Event Organiser). She single-handedly set up Discord for the Game Production Community and went on to admin the hell out of it, creating multiple channels and generating huge amounts of interest and activity. I can't thank Juney enough for being our own North Star. You are awesome, Juney. Helping her are a bunch of supporters and idea generators who also deserve the highest fives.

You will find Discord here:

That's a permanent invite so hopefully it will send you straight in.

As many of you will already be aware, there's a mountain of info there on career paths, production Q&A, events, plus a job board and places to actually chat.

Recently some of you have been organising sessions talking to experts and recorded these panels. They're being placed in full on the podcasts area of the website as well as linked to on Discord of course.

So far we have:

The ID@Xbox team gave our community the chance to ask questions that will help them and their teams develop and deliver great player experiences for everyone, and now we're sharing in the hopes it'll help you, too! Topics range from being approved to publish on Xbox through post-launch best practices, from marketing & sales, to community management & engagement. The Q&A contains something of interest for games in every stage of development!

and.. a games industry recruitment panel.

This session featured three industry recruitment experts from vastly different backgrounds to talk about the do’s and don’ts when looking for a job in the games industry. Throughout the panel, our host Raven asked the panellists to tackle topics the community requested, including but not limited to: the key traits & experiences of good candidates, good CV practices, and some common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.

There are more coming and if you visit Discord you'll see events being posted there. A Day in the Life of a Producer is coming soon too.

Many apologies to those of you waiting on me to handle uploading the content to the podcast - you'll be relieved to know I've just let Juney know how to do it, so you won't have to wait in the future!

Please do go say hello and let us know what you think.

Keep juggling cats, it's what we do.


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28 de nov. de 2023

I would like to offer some videos for your discord, besides, I have already processed them in video compressor for discord. It will be easier for newcomers to your channel to find out more information about you.

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