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Roadmaps for Game Producers

A couple of people who watched my Work Estimates video asked if I could go into more detail on roadmaps and the roadmapping process, so here it is! This uses real examples of high level roadmaps, product roadmaps, Dev/Tech roadmaps and explains what that all means. I spend quite a bit of time working through WHY you might want to use them and some of the better flows and takeouts from those exercises. I truly hope you find this useful. Apologies the audio quality needs a clean up and I only realised after uploading. Please let me know what you would like covered in more detail and I'll find some production friends to come help out with answering your questions.


00:00:00 Intro - Hard Skills for Producers

00:06:00 What is a Roadmap and why have one?

00:09:53 Developing a Roadmap and Plan

00:44:45 Helicopter View of your game and why it is so powerful

00:54:10 Phases recap and modern skew

01:00:00 Roadmaps development workflow example

01:07:40 Turning a Helicopter View into a Dev/Tech roadmap

01:16:15 What to do with it for feeding Team formation and plans

01:21:00 Summary and Thanks


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