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Game Production: Why are you estimating Work?

Responding to a work estimation query on the Game Production Community Discord channel (, these are my thoughts on the WHY, WHO FOR, etc around the topic. I don't go into detail around actual estimation, but use this to explore a whole range of influencing topics. It's all about gathering information, great communication and delivering value.

Apologies for the lack of interesting visual content - you might prefer to just listen at 1.5x and go do something else with your eyeballs ;) I also didn't edit out any belches or cock-ups.

Please let me know what you would like covered in more detail and I'll find some production friends to come help out with answering your questions.




1. High Level

00:00:00 Introduction

00:02:00 Why are we estimating work?

00:04:00 Who are we estimating for?

00:06:45 At what stage of the game have we reached?

00:15:37 Is the team within a discipline or cross-departmental?

00:19:32 What system are we using to record estimates?

00:23:04 What methodology are we using?

00:26:46 Agile and story points vs time estimation (I meant Fibonacci sequence!)

00:34:00 Inefficiencies of time estimations at different levels

00:35:35 Top level estimations vs Task by Task estimations

00:40:00 Discovery vs Grinding phases

00:48:20 Art differences when estimating

00:55:00 Design differences when estimating

01:01:50 Engineering differences when estimating

01:06:10 Roadmap vs plan estimations

2. Bit more detailed

01:10:20 Hours vs days

01:13:20 Build in admin time or strictly work only?

01:18:15 Are we using time remaining or total time used?

01:23:26 Sub-tasks or user stories?

01:24:40 Still remembering the WHY?

01:26:25 Should you build in safety margins?

01:30:35 Should you take into account individual accuracy?

01:32:05 Consistent estimating within and across teams

01:33:23 Are you helping or hindering? Dependency tracking..

01:35:30 Learning through listening


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