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Game Production: Knowledge Management

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Liam has a go at answering an email query from Javiera around documentation:

"I’m thinking what indie and mid size 40-100 ppl studios can do with general documentation across the organization, such as vital instructive documentation that would conceivably be used in onboarding ( bonus points for talking how onboarding can leveraged to fact check the accuracy of documentation), how to do decide the cadence of when documentation is needed and who is delegated ownership to maintain. Or another facet is HOW people go about assessing what to document , and who is responsible for it, or documentation templates/theory (ie Good to explicitly name intended audience of specific docs)."

Please let me know what you would like covered in more detail and I'll find some production friends to come help out with answering your questions.


00:00:00 Intro 00:02:22 Personal Background & Other Industries 00:05:36 Agile Manifesto 00:07:50 Explicit Written Information 00:18:40 Implicit Unwritten Knowledge 00:22:25 A Small Dependencies Example 00:27:34 How do we manage it all? 00:46:00 Tech Authors / Writers 00:51:06 How we prioritise 00:55:58 Cadence - cycle time for refreshing docs 01:00:30 Templates - Living Design Doc example & Lifecycle 01:05:51 Building documentation into workflow 01:10:00 Summary


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James Boston
James Boston
Feb 20, 2023

A very useful set of details to follow & apply to my workflow when documenting and managing these documents. Thank you !

Liam Wickham
Liam Wickham
Feb 21, 2023
Replying to

Thanks James!

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