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Podcast Episode: Chris Sykora, Associate Producer at Yager

I'm very grateful to Chris Sykora to find the time to chat after a busy week at Yager in Berlin, where he has served as an Associate Producer for a year. Yager has given us its namesake, as well as Spec Ops: The Line, Dreadnought and The Cycle. Previously, Chris worked as a QA Lead at Konami and EA, a project manager at Accenture, Epsilon and Wargaming, as well as as a brand champion and Google marketing campaign specialist. Chris has had an interesting entry point into game production and I very much enjoyed talking to him all about it.

Topics include:

00:00 Intros

07:20 The benefits of having a project management background

09:10 Leadership

11:00 Support for producers at Yager

12:30 Life as an Associate Producer (AP)

16:00 Traits, Skills and Guilds for APs

22:00 Agile & Story Points

25:00 The Cycle - Game Deep Dive


31:40 A Day in the Life of an AP

34:00 Advantages of having a marketing background

37:00 Did Chris ever feel like a spare part? Trello board

40:00 How does he plan?

45:00 Giving an example of when planning failed

52:00 How to build a good relationship with the team and peers

53:40 Hardest part of making the game

55:00 Player feedback and how to focus on features

58:00 If you could go back and change one thing..

63:00 Spec Ops and other games

General Q&A:

64:20 Advice for College students - get yourself a background

68:20 Why would anyone want to be a producer?

70:40 Pressure, Resilience, Mental Health and asking for help

74:30 The future for Chris

76:00 What training would he advise? Toastmasters!

80:00 Remote teams and working from home - his experience and insights

87:10 Farewells

Please do have a hear and let us know what you think!

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