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Podcast Episode: Game Recruitment Insights with Simon Hope

I am catching up with work and stuff! We already have a new podcast episode for you that I recorded yesterday.

I wanted to try something a bit different with this episode: this is the first of a short series of interviews with recruitment professionals in the games industry. Our goal is to find out what recruiters seek out in potential game producers from associate to EP and beyond, from product manager to project manager. We also want to know what’s changed during coronavirus and how they see recruitment changing moving forwards.

Simon Hope from Aardvark Swift joins us in this episode. Aardvark is one of a handful of rock solid game recruitment companies in the UK and were the first that I know of to start a game-production-specific newsletter with jobs, advice and relevant news, along with a recent podcast. I was really pleased with the topics we managed to cover in this session, as well as the generous insights from Simon. Please enjoy.


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