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Our first Production Chat!

I'm happy to report that I remembered to hit the record button yesterday, when talking to Callum Godfrey for a few hours about all things production.

This being my first ever attempt at recording and editing a podcast, please forgive the obvious amateurish mistakes! However, that is made up by the quality of our first ever guest, Callum Godfrey, Head of Production at Bossa Studios. You might know Bossa fromSurgeon SimulatorandI am Bread. Previously, Callum worked for Wargaming Mobile as an Exec Producer then Head of Studio at Wargaming Helsinki. Callum has found the fun at such esteemed gaming companies as King, EA, Microsoft, Playfish, Activision and Codemasters. He has dwelled mainly, but not exclusively, within the mobile gaming space for the last decade.

For full details and a chance to bask in the audio glory of podcast #1, please come and take a look and leave comments:

More to come this week, including more chats and hopefully some useful articles.

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