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Our Facebook Group needs you! + update


I started the website a few weeks ago, hoping that a few of us might be able to come together and build something special. As the website home page states, we're on a quest to enable games industry professionals to plan better, lead better and stop the crunch culture, through building a community of support, knowledge and training.

In order to fulfil that quest, I need your help. Some of you will no doubt have opinions, knowledge, passion and a need to share. The best place to come and do that is on our Facebook group. Could I ask you to come and sign up there so we can talk better? I want to be able to ask stuff there, gather up what you want from the podcasts and articles, make sure that we're doing something useful and credible. If anybody wants to be interviewed for the podcast or has ideas for articles, we can get it all sorted there!

We are slowly building momentum, with the numbers of people signing up to the newsletter and finding us growing each day. We have a whole 30 people subscribed, which is actually 29 more than I had hoped for!

Here's a general update:

  • The Facebook group contains a list of possible podcast topics and articles - please do take a look and let us know what you'd like to see covered

  • I have booked in a few podcast guests over the next week after needing to take a week off. These include recruitment companies, associate producers, product managers and even a group chat to go over mobile & pc/console differences

  • Me and my new mate Bruno are going to start an email chat around Lean & Agile frameworks and methodologies and put the results up as an article/podcast

  • The Leadership series has been completed - 5 articles of surprising breadth (polite way of me apologising for writing so much):

  • Our first guest contributor article is up - The Most Common Job Titles in Production - thanks Callum!

  • You are invited to let us know what you want to see in the future - just send me a message or post on that FB group

Please click on the logo above or link below to access the Facebook group. It's early days yet and I promise you it won't be flooding your notifications!

One more thing - we need volunteers to chat to me on the podcast. I am particularly interested in more junior production, project management and product management people at the moment. I'm also keen to deep dive into particular games that you've worked on and really explore the methodologies and planning you used. I am not interested in purely having a nice chat, as you can find that elsewhere - I want to give you all something detailed, useful and meaningful.

Thanks so much.


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