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Anthony Kyne Podcast Episode is up!

Last night I was fortunate enough to shoot the proverbial with Mr Anthony Kyne, Lead Producer at Mediatonic Games.

This being my second ever attempt at recording and editing a podcast, be kind and feel free to give advice! Anthony has worked on titles such as Madden, Championship Manager & The Sims. Unlike nearly every Producer that I’ve met or stalked on LinkedIn before now, Anthony has worked in games as both a lead designer and senior programmer. This gives him a unique understanding of making games which I’m looking forward to delving into. He was Lead Designer on Championship Manager game back in 2009, which saw the franchise finally rise to become a viable alternative to Football Manager.

In this episode, we talked about Anthony's experience as a designer, coder and producer. We leaped headfirst into The Golf Club to use as an exploration of production methods. We talk about pods, cancelling all meetings, how producers need to be leaders and a lot more.

This time I have added the topics as chapters in the podcast so hopefully you can see them when you download it!

Comments are hopefully working, so please do let us know what you think and what (as well as who) you'd like to hear next.

Thank you.


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